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Keep Calm & Catering



 It has been 45 years since BULGOGI HOUSE started.

B.H has dedicated to provide our guests with the  best quality food and outstanding service.
 We always try to serve you exceptional leveled taste.

*B.H is selected as a supplier to the Korea Pavilion and serve Bulgogi, Kimchi, and Tteok- kkochi (Rice Cake Skewers), etc. for the Heritage Festival in 2019.

Welcome Group Orders & Large Orders


For catering inquiries, contact Soon Joo

T. 780-466-2330 |

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We prepare Korean traditional and fusional courses for you.
50 kinds of delicious and amazing food experiences are waiting for you, including Bulgogi ; Korean style barbecue, various  flavored Bibimbab, special noodles and tipical Korean street snacks.
The food is so much more than just food.

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